Shifah Musisi's long awaited maiden concert is here, finally! The budding songstress announced that she was holding her first ever concert this year on November 1st! This will come as great news to her fans and lovers of soul music especially since the same concert was supposed to happen late last year but was later canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. This year though, Shifah Musisi confirms that it is most definitely happening and even confirmed the venue.

Shifah Musisi made the announcement at her birthday celebrations last month that was attended by her close friends and family and included musicians Maurice Kirya, Geosteady, Naira Ali, Sandra Suubi, Apio Moro, Sandra Nankoma, Jackie Akello, Giovanni Kiyingi, Solome Basuuta, Ado, celebrated DJ Moustey, Zoey the Storyteller among others. Shifah Musisi revealed that this year, she would be holding her first ever music concert dubbed "UNVEILING SHIFAH MUSISI" this November 1st to loud cheers and jubilations of all those in attendance. Her fellow musicians in attendance gave their approval and pledged to support her on this journey. It has now been confirmed that the said concert will take place at GOLF COURSE HOTEL, Kampala.

At the same event, Shifah Musisi unvelied an amazing piece of art, a birthday gift from a combined team of artists including Chris Omita, Wamala Joseph from Vodo art society. The painting is a depiction of Shifah Musisi as a queen with a crown of flowers. Shifah was visibly awed by the birthday present.

Later in the month, Shifah Musisi was a guest performer at Apio Moro's concert titled CHOORE and held at The Square. The event itself was a marvel and also featured performances from Jamal, Kenneth Mugabi and Zoey the Storyteller. Apio Moro then lit up the stage with a powerful powerformance that wowed the adoring audience.

Now that it has been confirmed, Shifah Musisi fans and lovers of all music beautiful should look forward to a thrilling concert come November. Shifah Musisi promises to divulge more details about the concert in due time. If her word is anything to go by, this should go down as one of the most memorable concerts of the year. Watch this space!


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  • MiMar

    MiMar Uganda

    I cant wait!!!!!😊

    I cant wait!!!!!😊

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    Apio Moro kampala



  • Golden

    Golden Dubai

    Thanks so much for the great music

    Thanks so much for the great music

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