The much talked about "Munsi Eno" song is finally out and what a song! What a video! This video is the quintessence of creativity. Directed by the talented Loukman Ali, the same director behind the successful Ebilowozo video, Munsi Eno which also features Congolese-born, Ugandan-based guitarist and musician Charmant Mushaga is a music masterpiece.

Watch it here;

There you have it! Definitely one of the best videos in this land.

Whereas the song tells the story of the people we meet in the walk of life, those people who stick around for better or worse, the ones who become an integral part of our daily lives, the video goes one better and embraces the four elements of the universe; earth, fire, water and air. With the graceful Shifah Musisi representing water and the strong Charmant representing fire, the story of the elements is perfectly told.


The song has already generated significant praise from critics and media personalities with some claiming it is the best video released in the country so far this year.

However, the stunning video is only half the story. The song itself is a perfect delivery of vocal and instrumental arrangement. Produced by Michael Fingaz, it is the kind of song that you will want to listen to again, and again and discover something new everytime you do. Shifah and Charmant deliver powerful yet contrasting vocal strengths and compliment each other perfectly.

The audio and video are already enjoying massive airplay on local radio and TV stations respectively.

Way to go Shifah!

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