Fresh from putting up  thrilling performance at Bayimba International Festival of the arts a couple of weeks ago, Uganda's Afro-soul songstress Shifah Musisi was it again, this time across borders as she rocked the first ever Ongala Music Festival held in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. The Ongala Music Festival is a celebration of the life and music of one of Africa's music icons Dk. Remy Ongala (RIP) and this first edition featured performances by some of the regions finest acts including; King Kiki, Papillon, Swahili Ally, Sikiinde, Afrosimba and Siti & the band among others.

In a journey that included a brief stop in Nairobi, Shifah Musisi who was also performing for the very first time in Tanzania hit the stage on Saturday 25th August at around 10pm. Dressed in a simple dress, Shifah Musisi, known for her high energy performances got right down to business, kickstarting her performance with "Mwalajje", a song dedicated to the memory of Remy Ongala.

She then performed "Kusema", whose considerable Swahili lyrics were well received by the majority Swahili speaking festival goers. Soon, everyone was singing along. With the crowd now grooving to her every song, Shifah Musisi then took them through "Owoluganda" and "Mukyalo" before embarking on a raggae session that featured songs like "Who you are", "Tondekangawo" and "Muntumulamu".

During the raggae session, just before she performed "Muntumulamu", Shifah Musisi explained that the song was a dedication to all the kind-hearted people in the world, those out to make a change. She was however not ready for what happened next as during the performance of the song, fans waving a banner bearing Bobi Wine's image with the words "People power" and "Free Bobi Wine" sprayed across joined her on stage as the crowd broke into chants of "Free Bobi Wine", "Free Bobi Wine".

Shifah Musisi then closed her hugely entertaining performance with her own rendition of one of Dk. Remy Ongala's songs "Niseme nini" which she remixed with some Luganda verses.

In a nutshell, Shifah Musisi delievered a perfect performance on a night when she represented Uganda at this first of its kind festival and introduced her brand of music to fans across East Africa.

Here are some of the highlights from the show;

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