Shifah Musisi has just returned from Khartoum where she worked on one of the biggest music projects currently in Africa. The song titled "I am African" is a celebration of African people, heritage and culture and is set to premiere across Africa early next year. Representing Uganda, Shifah Musisi was part of a select cast of music stars across the continent that also featured musicians from Morocco, Ethiopia and Sudan. The song features lyrics in Arabic, Ahmaric, French, English and Swahili and is written by Sudanese composer Elsafi Mahadi.

The studio session was preceded by a rehearsal featuring a 26-man Orchestra from the Sudanese University. This was the first time that all artistes were hearing the song which left everyone in awe of it's powerful composition with a deep message to all Africa.

Headlining the Sudanese artistes is an artiste considered as the "King of Jazz", 83-year old Sharhabeel Ahmed who has been singing for over 50 years. His deep but soothing voice makes the song come to life and complements the other artistes on the project.

Another African music legend on the song is Ethiopia's Mahmoud Ahmed who rose to prominence in Africa in the 1970s and has staged numerous sold-out concerts across the world since. The 77-year old is considered the greatest Ethiopian musician of all time.

Morocco was represented by the youthful and talented Asma'a Hamzaoui whose powerful vocal range lifted the song. Alongside Shifah Musisi, their sweet voices speak of the abundant beauty in Africa, the hospitality of its people and offer a rallying call for Unity and togetherness to face the oncoming obstacles.

The entire line-up of these powerful voices leaves one just impatiently waiting to hear the song.

The accompanying video for the song will be produced in a variety of locations across Africa by NOS Media, Sudan's creative powerhouse and will be directed by talented and legendary director Al Tayeb Siddig.

All said and done, this is one project you definitely need to look out for. Now back in the country, Shifah Musisi speaks of the richness of the Sudanese culture, the hospitality of its people and looking her excitement working with these musicians from across the continent.

As part of the visit to Khartoum, Shifah Musisi also visisted and interacted with one of Africa's greatest visual artists, Rashid Diab at his museum of Sudanese art in the outskirts of Khartoum. Together they discussed the plight of the arts in a region where art appreciation is still on the low.

Take a look at some of the highlights from Shifah Musisi's visit to Sudan to work on this amazing project;




  • Isaac

    Isaac Muyoyo

    It's owesome

    It's owesome

  • Arafat

    Arafat Kabowa

    Alhamdulillah Shifah I love yo music walahi

    Alhamdulillah Shifah I love yo music walahi

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