The 11th edition of the Bayimba International Festival Of The Arts reached its climax on Sunday 5th August and one of the best memories that festival goers will have taken from the four-day event is the performance of one of Uganda's finest soul musicians, Shifah Musisi. She put on an exciting showing that left the thrilled crowd screaming for more.

Shifah Musisi hit the stage at exactly 10PM after the performance of one of Ugandan gospel music's best acts, Holy Keane. Clad in a bubble dress complete with a crown of flowers, the beautiful songstress wasted no time in engaging the audience, asking them to take a moment and remember their lost loved ones as she opened her set with "Mwalajje". Immediately after, she kicked the energy levels higher as she performed the crowd favorite "Emirembe" which literally had everyone singing along. By the time she took the adoring crowd through a raggae session that featured songs like "Muntumulamu" and "Who you are", everyone was on their feet dancing to groovy jams.

She concluded her thrilling performance with "Mukyalo", also a crowd favorite and as she declared that it was the last song of the evening, the hungry crowd broke into chants of "we want more....we want more". Clearly they were having the time of their lives. With the energy levels Shifah Musisi brought to the stage, you wouldn't blame them for wanting more.

Shifah Musisi's next stop is Tanzania as she represents Uganda at the inaugural Ongala Music Festival taking place in South Beach, Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam. She promises to deliver another amazing standout performance.

Enjoy some of the highlights from her performance at the 11th Bayimba International Festival of the Arts;

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