After being selected to showcase at the 7th annual DOADOA – East African Performing Arts Market, Shifah Musisi promised to put on a good show. But when the day came for her showcase, the talented songstress outdid herself, putting up one of the standout performances of the four-day showcase that also featured performances by Afrigo band (UG), Eli Maliki (UG), Jackie Akello (UG), Afrosimba band (KE), Shamsi band (UG), House of Talent (UG), Gloria Achillah (UG), Mapanya band (TZ) and Berita (SA) among others.   

Doadoa kicked off on wednseday evening and attracted all the big players in Africa’s performing arts market including festival organizers, booking agents, artist managers, musicians and market influencers. Some on the names present included; Faisal Kiwewa of the famous Bayimba festival, Eddie Hatitye (Music in Africa - SA), Nyambura Mungai (Ongala Music Festival - TZ), Raphael Benza (Vth Season - SA), David Cecil (East African Records UG/UK), Sophia Lindsay Burns (JustsHub - UK), Dorothy Nabunjo (Arts manager - UG), Maurizio Della Fortuna (Live Music Band - UK), Abdi Rashid Jibril (Roots International - KE) and Mandla Maseko (Moshito - SA). The opening acts saw South Africa's Berita, Kenya’s Shamsi band and Zanzibar based Siti &The band all woo the crowd with strong performances. 

The highlight of the festival however came on Thursday when Uganda’s Afro-soul queen took to the stage. Clad in a custom-made Kitengi jumpsuit outfit made by Marish Designs, Shifah Musisi and her band hit the stage as the first act of the evening. Shifah Musisi brought such strong energy to the stage, performing songs like Emirembe, Muntumulamu, Owoluganda, Mukyalo and the yet to be released Mwalajje. So powerful was her performance that she had everybody out of their seats singing and dancing along as she performed. 

Her performance lasted about 45 minutes but will last longer in the minds of the adoring crowd. 

It was a night to remember for Shifah Musisi who was performing for her maiden time on the Doadoa stage. Such performance will surely not go unnoticed and for this promising afro-soul sensastion, greater things are surely on the way. 

Watch this space.

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  • Arafat Kyambadde

    Arafat Kyambadde Kampala

    Shifah I love yo music and I would like to write for you a script

    Shifah I love yo music and I would like to write for you a script

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