2018 was a memorable year for soul sensation Shifah Musisi. From dropping four beautiful singles off her upcoming Dark and Happy times album to performing on some incredible stages, everything seemed to just about click for the talented singer and guitarist. And to cap it all off, her hit single Ebilowozo just received a nomination for Best RnB/ Soul song at the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards. 


It all started off with the release of Emirembe, the lead single off the album. The song whose video was probably the first of its kind in this country captured hearts and minds with its simple yet compelling message. It would set the stage for more music and more amazing videos from Shifah Musisi. 

Watch Emirembe here: 

Shortly after the release of Emirembe, Shifah Musisi released Ebilowozo, the video, directed by the talented Loukman Ali was simply in a class of it's own. The song also spread like a wild fire, starting a challenge called #EbilowozoChallenge that had everyone recording a video of themselves singing to the soulful track. The winners of the challenge then had breakfast with Shifah Musisi. 

Watch Ebilowozo here: 

Shifah Musisi then performed at DOADOA festival in Kampala and put on such a fine performance that soon after, she was asked to perform at the inaugural Ongala Music Festival in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the 11th Bayimba International Festival of the Arts. All these performances were characterised by Shifah's usual high energy and she surely left a mark on the festival goers. 

Mid-year, Shifah released her third single off the Dark and Happy Times album. The song titled Kusema appealed to all and sundry with it's unique lyrics set including plenty of Swahili lines. The groovy feel to the song also endeared it to fans. 

Watch Kusema here: 

Shifah Musisi also had performances at the Jazz Fm Live sessions, featured at the Joseph Sax unplugged show at Guvnor and was a guest performer at Maurice Kirya's #KiryaLive 2018 concert. Shifah Musisi performed at Roast & Rhyme in October in one of her standout performances of the year. She left the crowd yearning for more. 

Shifah Musisi also featured on a collaboration song featuring other African stars. The song title "I am African" is in commemoration on the Sudan National Day celebrated every 1st January and featured artists from Morocco, Ethiopia and Sudan. 

Watch I am African here: 

During 2018, Shifah Musisi announced that she would be holding her maiden concert in November. She later announced that the concert had been postponed to 2019 at a date yet to be confirmed. That's surely something to look forward to. 


Shifah Musisi's Ebilowozo has been nominated for Best Rnb/Soul song of 2018 at the HiPipo Music Awards due to be held in March at Kampala Serena Hotel. As earlier mentioned, this song caught fire upon its release and literally had everyone talking. The video was also as powerful and creative and seems like it didn't go unnoticed, earning Shifah Musisi her first ever awards nomination. 

To vote for Ebilowozo, click on the link below, select Shifah Musisi - Ebilowozo and click vote. 

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    My best famale artist in East Africa

    My best famale artist in East Africa

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    Nyce ness

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    I love your shifah musisi

    I love your shifah musisi

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    very composed piece

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