The wait is almost over! Shifah Musisi's brand new collaboration with Congolese-born Charmant Mushaga drops on Monday 17th September 2018. The much talked about song "MUNSI ENO"  is set for release in a few days. The song artwork released a few days ago is a thing of beauty itself and conceptualizes the song title which is a bantu translation for "In this world".

"Munsi Eno" is the fourth single off Shifah Musisi's "Dark & Happy times" album. The three singles previously released are "Emirembe", "Ebilowozo" and "Kusema" all of which have received critical acclaim and are still enjoying massive airplay. This brand new song is unique in its own right because it is the first time ever that Shifah Musisi has collaborated with another artiste on a project. It features Congolese-born, Ugandan-based Singer and guitarist Charmant Mushaga also known as Charmant Guitarman. He renders his powerful vocal ability to an already impressive delivery by Shifah Musisi.

"Munsi eno" is a song about love, commitment and appreciation for the special people we meet in this world. Those who go on to become an important part of our lives. The ones who are there for us in our greatest hour of need. Shifah Musisi delivers her lines in a blend of English and Luganda while Charmant adds a touch of class to the song with Congolese lyrics. The end product is a masterpiece of music that will leave you wanting more.

The audio was produced by Michael Mugisha aka Fingaz, the same talent behind the previous three releases. The video was directed by the incredibly creative Loukman Ali, who also produced the Ebilowozo video that had everyone talking.

All said, this is one song you should look out for. A Uganda-Congo collaboration between two vocal superstars and some of the best guitarists in our land.

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